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At PASS we firmly believe that no two business are alike. Hence we place utmost emphasis on individually assessing the unique requirements and set of parameters governing the functioning of a business entity. Accordingly we customize our services to advise the managers on best business practices to avoid breach of business laws and achieve sustainable growth in the company.

The company provides an integrated multi-disciplanary package of business services :


1. Legal formalities of Company formation and registration with Registrar of Companies.
2. Timely adherence to requirements as per Companies Act, submission of statutory returns and forms.
3. Being Company Secretaries and Registered office for the business.
4. Provsion for holding Board meetings of the company.
5. Registration of Patents, Trademarks & Designs.


1. Ascertaining adequacy of Accounting Systems and Internal controls.
2. Preparation of Annual Financial Statements and periodic Management Accounts.
3. Tax Planning and filing of Company/Individual Tax Returns.
4. Representing clients to the department of Taxes.
5. Registration for VAT, TIN, Customs with BURS (Botswana Unified Revenue Services).
6. Periodic submission of VAT returns.
7. Due Diligence Reports.


1. Advise on the selection of type of business entity.
2. License Application for trade/manufacturing.
3. Sharing Database of prospective suppliers and customers.
4. Application for Residence & Work Permit for non-citizens.
5. VISA Applications for prospective visitors to Botswana.


1. Assistance in Bank and Institutional Borrowings.
2. Applications for Government Assistance under various schemes.


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